The permanent exhibition's concept is the historical narrative for the strategic importance of Moudros Bay and its connection to the big historical Greek and international events, as it became the base of the Greek naval fight for the liberation of the Aegean islands and the starting point of the Allies during World War I especially for the Gallipoli campaign. Moudros and generally Lemnos occypu a large part of the collective memory of Australians and New Zealanders of the ANZAC troops, that started from Lemnos for the Gallipoli battle, while many were hospitalised or were buried in the cemeteries around Moudros.


Lemnos at the dawn of the 20th century


 Moudros Bay and the settlement


  The heart of the naval fight in the Aegean (1912-1913)


Moudros during World War I


Lemnos during a period of big changes (1912-1923)

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